Unable to Connect Bluehost Email Account

Unable to Connect Bluehost Email Account


You are trying to connect your email account that is hosted by Bluehost and are receiving the following error when sending a test email in the final step of the process:

"Error Sending Email. Please verify your email password."


  1. Return to Step 1 - Email Details where you select your email service provider and enter the following details:
    1. Server Name:  box5351.bluehost.com
    2. Port: 587

  2. Click Next.
  3. Re-enter your email credentials.
  4. Click Save, then Next.
  5. Re-send your test email and verify a Passed status.
Contact support by submitting a help ticket if you continue to experience any issues connecting.

Additional Info

Bluehost has steps on their site that may instruct you to enter 'mail.yourcustomdomain.com' as the "outgoing server" along with port 465.

After communicating directly with Bluehost Support we found that they have a few "alternate" server names that can be used. Using the common name for Bluehost's email server, box5351.bluehost.com, is better for SSL/TLS certificates as it's configured for everyone with Bluehost.
SOUS uses the latest versions of TLS (Transport Layer Security), an encryption protocol that protects internet communications. While Port 465 support SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), Port 587 supports TLS, which is the latest in end-to-end security for internet communications.


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