How to Set Your Availability (Scheduled Call Times on Inquiry Form)

How to Set Your Availability (Scheduled Call Times on Inquiry Form)

You will need to set your available hours when visitors to your inquiry form can schedule a sales call with you.


  1. Navigate to the My Account page in SOUS (Accessed via the profile dropdown)
  2. Click Connected Apps .
  3. Select Inquiry Form
  4. In General, update your timezone.
  5. Under Set Your Availabilityselect which days you are available for sales calls.

  6. Enter the timeframe you are available in the From and To fields.
  7. Click Save

The schedule feature is currently a repeating Monday thru Sunday static timeframe.


Under Inquiry Form details, there is an example form which your website visitors will see when scheduling a call to book your services via your inquiry form.

Clicking the clock icon will take visitors to a screen where your available hours will be displayed for the inquiry call.

The green timeslots indicate your available hours you set that visitors can choose from. (In this case, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM). This time frame is configured under Set Your Availability.
Gray timeslots indicate that you are not available.
Each timeslot is 30 minutes.

Notice your availability stops 30 minutes prior to your end time so no calls can be scheduled and go 30 minutes past.

Each timeslot color changes from Green to Grayed out which makes that slot unavailable when someone schedules a call for that time.

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