How to Prepare My CSV File for Importing Clients Into SOUS

How to Prepare My CSV File for Importing Clients Into SOUS

Learn best practices for importing clients from a CSV file into your SOUS account— These tips should help you avoid import errors, partial imports, and frustration.

Remove any unnecessary information

Our importer will run through every column and every row of your file during the import process, even if you only plan to map some of the items to fields in your account.

Before removing any information from your master file, create a copy of it first then work from the copy.


Only include columns you wish to map to fields during the import process and delete any columns you don't need


Remove all empty rows and rows that do not contain an email address (contacts who do not have a unique email address in the file will be skipped by the importer)

Use proper field formatting

Depending on how certain fields are formatted, you may receive an incorrect format error or an unexpected result during the import process. This is especially common for contacts who have missing or incorrectly formatted email addresses. To avoid this:

  • Email address fields
    Make sure all email addresses in your file are spelled correctly and are properly formatted.
  • Required fields
    When importing, you can apply the default value for all empty required fields (i.e. First Name, Email). If you do not apply the default value or provide a value in the CSV file, the Import File button will be unavailable in Step 4.

You can also use the sample CSV file attached to this article to set you on the right path for formatting your import fields.

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