How to Embed the SOUS Inquiry Form on your business website

How to Embed the SOUS Inquiry Form on your business website

Adding our custom inquiry form to your existing website is a cruciual step in configuring your SOUS account to capture and collect inquiry information in SOUS from your website visitors.

Installing or Configuring SOUS Inquiry form to your Business website is a 2 stage process.

Setting your Availability 
As a first step, you will need to set your available hours for those sales calls when the website visitors submits an inquiry.
Installing the Inquiry Form
Once the avaiability is setup, the next step is installing the inquiry form to your business website.

Easily install our custom inquiry form to your existing website to capture and collect those inquiries in SOUS from your visitors by following the instructions below

Setup your Availability
  1. Navigate to the My Account page in SOUS (Accessed via the profile dropdown)
  2. Click Connected Apps
  3. Select Inquiry Form
  4. Under Set Your Availability, select which days you are available for sales calls.

  5. Enter the timeframe you are available in the From and To fields.
  6. Choose your Timezone
  7. Click Save
Installing the Inquiry Form
  1. In the same screen, Click Install Form

  2. Select your desired embed type according to your website builder instructions & click Copy.

  3. Log In to your website builder account & add a new Embed Block or Code Block as per their instructions.
    Please review your website builder's (Wix, Squarespace, Go Daddy etc) instructions, for embeding SOUS Inquiry Form to your website. Reach out to website builder support team for more assistance

  4. Once the embedding or installation is complete, please submit a test inquiry from your website to ensure, a consultation call event is created in SOUS.

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