How Do I Customize My Invoices?

How Do I Customize My Invoices?

Your invoices provide important details of your services for every client you serve, including your business information, an itemized list of products/services provided, balances, and maybe most importantly your business's payment terms or "policy".


Every invoices includes the following:
  1. Your business logo
  2. Your business's contact info
  3. Your clients contact info
  4. Incrementing invoice numbers
  1. Itemized list of products/services provided
  2. Deposit amount
  3. Outstanding balance
  4. Payment terms (policy)

Customizing your invoice

All invoice settings are accessed from your top-right Profile dropdown > Business Center.


  1. Hover over the logo upload section and click on the Upload button.

  2. Click Browse.
  3. A file browser will appear. Navigate to the logo file you wish to import and select it (we recommend a transparent logo).
Example of Non-Transparent vs. Transparent logo:
enter image description here
Transparent means there is nothing in the background pixels and allows what's behind the logo to show through. 
Recommended size: 250 px (width) x 100 px (height) are the optimal logo dimensions for a web page.

Add Business Info

  1. Complete the fields to the left of your logo under the Business Profile tab as these will be used to populate your invoices.

Create an Invoice policy

  1. Click on the Invoice Policy tab.
  2. The default invoice policy template is displayed on the right side of screen.
  3. The text in RED color means its a customizable entry that corresponds to the fields on the left (in order).
  4. Enter your desired numbers in the fields above for your policy and any additional custom language you want in the last field.

  5. Click Save.

Setup your Products/Services

  1. Click on the Products & Services tab.

  2. Add your first product by updating the below fields

    1. Product Name

    2. Price

    3. State

    4. Product Description

    5. Category

  3. Click Add

  4. Click Save

Invoice example