How Do I configure or setup my Personal profile in SOUS?

How Do I configure or setup my Personal profile in SOUS?

This article provides information on how to configure your personal profile in SOUS. 
Setting up your personal profile in SOUS includes adding your name, phone number, profile picture and timezone in SOUS.
Please note that all these settings needs to be done in General settings in your SOUS Account.  

Please follow the below steps to add or update your personal profile in SOUS
  1. To access My Account, please click your profile icon at the top and select My Account

  2. Update the following fields marked in RED

  3. Click Save
  1. To upload your profile picture,Hover over the Your Photo section and click on the Upload button.

    1. A file browser will appear. Locate your profile picture you wish to import and select it.
    2. Click Open
      Recommended image max size: 500kbps.
    3. After making necessary adjustments to the image, Click Upload

  2. Click Save

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