Error Sending Invoices/Menus [Google & Outlook Users]

Error Sending Invoices/Menus [Google & Outlook Users]


Users who have Gmail & Outlook as the email service providers are receiving the following error when trying to  to send invoices or menus from SOUS

"Error Sending Email. Please verify your email password."

Solution for GMAIL Users

  1. Log in to SOUS

  2. Go to Settings by clicking the profile icon at the top right. 

  3. Click "Connect Email Account"

  4. Click " Get Started"

  5. On the Email Details form, click the "Select your email service provider" dropdown & reselect "Google" . This action will update the port address to 465.

  6. Click Next

  7. Click Save

  8. Click Next again

  9. Re-send your test email and verify a Passed status

  10. Click Done

Solution for Outlook Users

We are still investigating the same for Outlook users.  As a workaround, please download Menu or Invoice to your computer and send it manually. We apologise for the inconvineance caused.


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