(PLEASE READ) Welcome, Get Started Here!

(PLEASE READ) Welcome, Get Started Here!

Welcome Chefpreneurs!

You have found your way to the Community section of The Help Center.

This is where you can get help with a range of topics from fellow Chefpreneurs.

Join in on various discussion threads taking place on the topics you need help with, and those that you’re able to help others with.

There will be many experienced SOUS Software users in this community, so please don’t hesitate to ask the questions you need to ask. 

The purpose of this Community is to help ensure everyone gets the best experience and value possible, from both our SOUS Software and Chefpreneur business education!

Below are some details on how the Community works, and how you can get the most out of it.

The Community rules are very basic, and should go without saying. For example:

  • No self promotion, sales, or spam 
  • No being mean, negative, or condescending 
  • No arguing! 
  • Contribute constructive criticism & feedback whenever possible
  • Be kind and encouraging!
  • Be helpful!

This Community is a place to learn from each other, get help from other Chefpreneurs & users of SOUS, and also to help others whenever you get the chance.

There are four main categories of posts:

1. Question

  • ask a specific question that you’re stuck on

2. Discussion

  • start a discussion and get the opinions and feedback of other chef's

3. Idea

  • got a new idea to share with the Chefpreneur Community? Post it here.

4. Problem

  • post about any issues in SOUS and get help

There are lots of questions and discussion threads here in the Community, so feel free to browse through or use the search bar near the top right of this screen.

If you don’t see your question or topic already in the Community, then go ahead and create a new one by clicking on Add Topic!

We’re happy to have you here, we love seeing members of our community help and support each other!

To Our Success,

The Chefpreneur Team